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Badanbas Sdn Bhd is one the pioneering coach builders in the country. Part of the manufacturing division of Nadicorp Holdings Sdn Bhd, Badanbas specializes in producing the safest and highest quality coaches.

As the operator of the country’s largest fleet of stage and express busses, Nadicorp’s venture into bus and coach building and the manufacturing of special purpose vehicle (SPV) was only natural.

The creation of Badanbas in October 2002 for the manufacturing of coaches and busses is Nadicorp’s commitment to the quality and safety standards of busses used by all of Nadicorp’s transportation companies as well as others.

Today, only after a few short years, the name of Badanbas is synonymous with innovative designs, reliability and safety in the manufacturing sector for busses, coaches and special purpose vehicles.

Bus & Coach International (BCI), one of Australia’s largest bus and coachbuilders, is our strategic partner, providing us the competitive edge in building world-class coaches and meeting all international safety standards.

A critical factor to our success in emerging as a world-class manufacturer, is our commitment to R&D coupled with a strict adherence to the ISO 9001 and Australian Design Rules.


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